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Business Protection

Some 44% of business owners prefer to learn about Business Protection services via their local IFA.  Squirrel Financial embraces the challenge of understanding your business requirements and pride ourselves on outlining the key benefits of a really water tight policy that will meet your specific needs.  Key areas generally cover:
Legal & General recently carried out research regarding the Business Protection Gap which currently stands at a whopping £1.35 trillion, perhaps due to the underlying pressure businesses are under today with rapid change in the market. 

Failure to protect your ‘business’ may cause havoc to not only the business but also impact the staff detrimentally?
How would your company continue to trade in the event of death, after all, the company may still have an obligation to pay staff salaries.  How about meeting outstanding invoices or completing paid for orders.  You may have envisaged selling your company to provide retirement options.  It may be that your company closes and is worthless in the event of an unexpected bereavement/debilitation illness.

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