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Ethical, Environmentally responsible investments

For those who would prefer to have a say in where their funds are invested; there are ethical and socially responsible investment funds available.  Ethical funds operate a strict “do not” policy. These funds will not invest in companies who make a profit or operate in areas such as tobacco, alcohol, gambling or warfare.
Socially responsible investment funds work via “active dialogue” for socially responsible investment, for example you may come to Squirrel Financial and say
 “I wish to invest in companies who promote staff welfare, or adhere to green policies and active carbon emission management.” 
We will act responsibly for you and offer you independent advice on these types of investments.
There are funds available to suit each requirement and if you have ethical or socially responsible concerns, please mention this at your appointment.
To explore these investment funds and receive independent advice, please call Squirrel Financial on 01634 564664.