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Goals and Values

Squirrel Financial based in Chatham, is a small team of Independent Financial Advisors managing your wealth with a wide range of financial services and a personal customer service focus.  We are FCA regulated and registered, and have very clearly set goals and core values.

  • It's all about you - we aim to provide you with support throughout your financial life. To help support you, our team are striving to achieve and enhance their skills and qualifications. Without our team we cannot support you.
  • Always source and establish a robust repeatable process for your investment
  • We establish an internal training programme and provide staff with administrative systems for smooth customer relations 
  • Female Advisors – we understand in some homes now, females are the bread-winners.  This means as a woman you may well be instigating independent financial advice for your home.  We see our female-led advice as our Unique Sell Point in homes and for female business owners today.  You may have suffered a bereavement or recently divorced and simply not willing to deal with a man in your home.
Our Goals
  • Maintain our clients for life
  • Build relationships with their children and their parents
  • Build and develop upon the Squirrel Financial brand through tailored digital marketing and Kent networking
  • Embrace and keep up to date with the latest changes in technology and laws
  • Build on our corporate auto-enrolment offering